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We are based in County Wicklow, Ireland

You can pay for your order using PayPal, Revolut Pay and Credit Card.

If the shipping address on your order is incorrect you may email to highlight this. If the order has not been shipped we can change however we cannot change the delivery address after an order has been shipped. Please know that we work directly with our shippers to help resolve address issues when possible, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays, fees, or other delivery issues if you’ve made an error in the shipping information on your order. If such an error causes an order to be rejected, lost or destroyed, we cannot issue a refund or replacement of any kind. If the error causes the order to be sent back to us, you may be responsible for return shipping fees and we’ll only be able to refund you for the cost of the merchandise only.

Although it is rare for international orders to get lost or delayed, please be aware that it can happen. Due to the import clearance process in your country and depending on the shipping method you chose, international orders can take up to 35 business days to clear customs. An international order will not be considered ‘lost’ until 35 business days from the date of shipment. We are unable to process claims until 35 business days period has passed. In the event your order has been lost, you must contact our customer support department at and report it as lost to us within 60 calendar days of date of purchase. Depending on your location, courier selection, and any history of similar problems, we’ll work to help resolve this issue. Orders that hasn’t been reported within 60 calendar days will not be eligible for refund.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Currently we are using AnPost however if you are placing a large order and would prefer a quicker service we can offer UPS. If you are interested in this email us and we can provide a quotation.

All orders are shipped from our Head Office in Ireland. Please see approximate transit times below:

  • Ireland – 2 – 4 days
  • United Kingdom – 5 – 7 working days
  • Europe – 5 – 7 working days*
  • United States – 5 – 10 working days
  • Canada – 10 – 15 working days
  • Australia – 10 – 15 working days
  • ROW – 10 – 15 working days*


*Delivery times may vary depending on location

Typically, your order will be dispatched within 24 – 48 hours.

If you haven’t received your order, check your emails as there will be a link with tracking which will help you locate your parcel. If these are not in standard mail folder be sure to check spam folder as sometimes emails are inadvertently sent here.

If you haven’t received your order, check your dispatch email as there may be a link with tracking which will help you locate your parcel.

OysterMax® is pure oyster extract powder encapsulated in a vegetarian HPMC capsule. We do not add fillers, bulking agents, flow agents or any additives whatsoever. Many other brands do this, but our product is 100% pure oyster extract powder. The caviar of oyster supplements!

OysterMax® is made from oysters of the species Crasosstrea gigas, also know as the pacific oyster, harvested along the Irish Coast.

No, we do not include the shell, we only use oyster meat.

We carry out heavy metal testing, microbiological testing & vitamin/ mineral analysis on each batch.

We use a hard-shell HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsule for OysterMax. AKG uses a bovine soft gel. Yukon pure uses a fish soft gel.

Here at Marine Healthfoods we do not work off averages/ fortification for our product. We test each batch for real time quantity of vitamins & minerals and update our labels for each batch. As we do not add any artificial vitamins or minerals these values can change throughout the year. We keep our product page for OysterMax® updated with supplement facts for the current batch being sold to better assist our customers when working out what the right amount to order is. All of its nutrients are natural in origin, making them 100% bioavailable. This means they will support your body’s natural mineral and nutrient balance.

AKG is Fish Liver Oil from Longnose spurdog (Squalus blainville) from a carefully managed fishery in Iceland containing naturally occurring alkylglycerols.

The species used in our AKG-200 product is the Longnose spurdog (Squalus blainville) which is fished along the east coast of Europe. It is a commercial species of fish, and the entire animal is utilized. Fresh, dried, salted and smoked for human consumption. The livers, which would otherwise be dumped, are utilized by us to make AKG-200. The sharks are not fished for their livers and this utilization of the whole animal is an improvement on previous fishing practices of the past.  The shark finning industry has raised serious concerns about shark conservation and particularly in the tropics where they are an important apex predator. We are very aware of this, and marine conservation is a big part of our work. 

You can be assured that we are not interested in emptying the oceans and that on the contrary we are doing our best to educate those in the industry on how a sustainable fishery model is best for us all.

Fishing and fisheries do not have to be the enemy. Management, training, education and respect are required to make this a better, more circular economy for all.

Yukon Pure is Salmon Oil from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (spp. Oncorhynchus nerka) containing naturally occurring vitamin D & Omega fatty acids.

The best time to take OysterMax® is in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. This is because some breakfast foods that are wholegrains contain phytic acid which inhibits zinc absorption. Also, due to the Vitamin B12 you may also experience an increase in energy levels which could affect sleep if it is taken later so start of day is better.

We operate a 30-day return policy only if the product has not been opened. If you return it to us a refund minus shipping costs will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the goods.

If there is a problem with your order or product, please notify us by email. For more information, please see our Returns/Refund Policy.

Customs charges are usually a mixture of VAT, Duty & Customs Clearance. These charges can vary country to country. Any added charges are not the fault of Marine Healthfoods and we do not gain anything from these charges. We currently ship all packages with DDU (delivery and duties UNPAID). This means your package is usually delivered by local mail carrier at the final destination or you may be required to collect the parcel from the postal facility directly. Your mail carrier may or may not charge duties and taxes. We do not collect taxes and duties during checkout and therefore you are responsible for paying these if you are required. If you have questions regarding how/when duties and taxes are charged, we advise contacting your Customs office directly. Please note border control checks may delay delivery.

Yes, please email us at and we will happily set you up with a wholesale account. We also have an affiliate program.

The way our affiliate program works is that we can offer a 20% discount via a unique coupon code or affiliate link.

This coupon code cannot be used by the registered affiliate for purchasing the products themselves – it is solely to be used as a promotional tool to followers on platforms used for advertising. The platform you choose is entirely up to you.

Of the 20% discount on offer you can decide how you would like this to be divided for your followers to receive a discount and you to receive an affiliate commission on the sale.

So, you could decide that of the 20%, you would like followers placing orders using your unique coupon code to receive a 10% discount and for you to receive a 10% affiliate commission on the cost of the purchase. This is the most popular choice amongst our current affiliates.

If you would prefer you could offer followers 5% and keep 15% as your affiliate commission. Really the combination you choose is up to you. The more you sell, the more you earn!

If you receive your order and items are missing please email us. If there are signs of tampering with the package be sure to include this information in your email. We will then investigate and get back to you ASAP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and supply the highest quality natural marine super foods, supplements and seafood products to help our global client base lead energetic and healthy lives.
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