New supplement combination supports immunity during the winter months.

Pure Oyster Extract Capsules



A new powerful combination of marine extracts is now available from Marine Healthfoods contributing to the normal function of your immune system during the winter months. Building on the success of our oyster extract capsules, OysterMax®, we have now launched our own brand of extracted Alkylglycerols called AKG200®.

Alkylglycerols were used for centuries by Scandinavian fishermen to help protect them from the harsh elements in the Arctic waters where they worked. Although they did not realise this at the time, the Alkylglycerols were in the fish oil they used to carry contributed to normal function of the immune system for fighting infection. It is only in the last 50 years that we fully understand the mode of action of these incredible compounds.

AKG® rich in alkylglycerols

AKG200® is a patented extract from the livers of certain species of collagen skeletal fish such as sharks. It is very high in naturally occurring compounds called Alkylglycerols. These compounds stimulate the white cell response in the body supporting the normal function of the body’s immunity.  When we get an infection our body’s immunity can become suppressed and our own natural production of these compounds can be compromised. People undergoing chemotherapy frequently experience drops of 50% or more in white cell count. While Alkylglycerols cannot fight cancer, it has been shown that oral consumption of Alkylglycerols increases the levels of Alkylglycerols in our blood contributing to normal function of the immune system by stimulating the white cells or leucocytes.

When coupled with oyster extract you get a greater effect due to the intake of not only alkylglycerols but also zinc, copper, selenium, iodine and vitamin b12 in a source that is bioavailable to the body.

The zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin b12 in oyster extract help stimulate the T-helper cells, another key component to the normal function of the immune system. The dynamic combination of oyster extract via OysterMax and Alkylglycerols via AKG200, in conjunction with a healthy diet, can help support the normal function of our immunity during the winter months.

Both these products are sourced in a sustainable manner and processed by proprietary means which protect the naturally occurring key nutrients necessary to have an effect in the body.

People undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy should consider higher doses of Alkylglycerols daily to mitigate against the side effects of the treatment. Many integrative Doctors in France and the USA who believe in using orthodox and also alternative medicines together have seen benefits by using these products. Thirty years’ experience supplying these same doctors has convinced us also of the merits of these compounds.