Marine Healthfoods  are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Our new look site is designed to make it much easier for our customers to shop for and learn about all the products we manufacture and the services we offer.

We plan to offer regular product updates, information on new products, special offers and we will be doing regular newsletters to keep you informed of developments within the marine extracts and seafood industry.  Our customers will also be able to follow us on all the usual social media such as facebook and twitter.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the most scientifically researched products, ethically sourced and minimally processed has never been stronger. Following the success of our oyster extract capsules, we now see that the demand for high quality products exists even more than before. This is in part due to amount of inferior brands on the market, but also in the desire for people to be pro-active in looking after their health. Getting the desired effect from the product is a pre-requisite for all our clients.

This is a challenge we as marine scientists have embraced, and getting ‘ The Effect’  is the primary focus of our research. While this may sometimes make our products seem slightly more expensive than highly processed, synthetic alternatives, we know the clients we have won over the years choose quality over price every time.

We hope to bring much health and wellbeing to our clients, their families and their friends. Our existence is as much philosophy as it is science and fact. Everything we do is based on an holistic and  sustainable attitude to life and our precious blue planet.

We also support many organisations and charities who share our values and we know that together we can make the future brighter and healthier for all. We appreciate your support and business over the last 15 years and we hope to continue developing new products and concepts long into the future.

A big THANK YOU, from all at Marine Healthfoods.