In this article I will be extoling the virtues of making oyster extract powder part of your heath programme. There are still many more virtues to be discussed but this article will look at oyster extract from the body’s biochemistry perspective, in particular the concept of balancing trace mineral levels of vitamin B12, zinc, copper, iodine and selenium in the body to contribute to the maintenance of peak hormonal processes and protection of cells.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are missing something in your diet but you just can’t figure out? Well this is a frequent reason many of us attend our GP or therapist. Enter dietary supplements. Using carefully processed dietary supplements from high quality ingredients in conjunction with a varied diet can support many bodily functions. Oyster extract is a single ingredient dietary supplement. It contains high levels of zinc, vitamin B12 and copper and is a good source of iodine in a bioavailable way.

Many people will present with a biochemical imbalance. Doctors and therapists will try to identify this by various means. They may opt for blood tests, hair analysis and use various other diagnostic tools and methods to reach a conclusion. They then can begin to rule out certain nutrient deficiencies, at which stage, if they do not see an improvement, investigations of a different nature become necessary. This has been observed many times in our clinical experience from clients presenting with trace element deficiencies like zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and B12. Introducing a dietary supplement into the diet is a quick and easy way of ruling out deficiencies if research is carried out prior to purchasing. If after a trial of dietary supplements symptoms still persist visit your doctor or therapist.

Where deficiencies are identified by the more traditional analytical methods and micro-nutrients are subsequently administered, certain imbalances may result. With oyster extract capsules this does not happen, as the zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and B12 are presented in a balanced biochemical matrix as nature intended.

The results speak for themselves. Oyster Extract contains zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and B12 which supports normal function of the immune system, contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue thus increasing energy levels if you have been feeling run down, contributes to maintenance of the skin for smoother complexion and contributes to normal spermatogenesis, maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood, normal fertility and reproduction for sexual health. All these benefits come from ensuring zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and B12 necessary for contributing to peak performance in all these biochemical systems are balanced,

With winter fast approaching and many of use reaching for the zinc lozenges, consider taking a course of oyster extract capsules. Not only are they among the highest natural source of zinc, they also contain copper, iodine and B12 to get us through the winter months.

Make sure you discuss your oyster extract with your supplier and choose a potent product. Some cheap oyster extract products on the market can have up to 60% bulking agent mixed in along with other bulking agents. Only choose pure, high zinc, oyster extract capsules. Not a substitute for a varied diet.

Think before you zinc!