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Oyster Extract & Perfect Nails

We have been writing about the importance of zinc nutrition and zinc supplementation for some time now and we have noticed that while many of the therapists and Doctors we supply are very aware of the issues associated with zinc deficiency, many who visit our site may not be. We have decided to dedicate our next few posts to the more noticeable aspects of zinc deficiency which most of us can easily identify. In this article we will discuss the importance of zinc in nail care.

Nails – a Mirror of Our Health
Nail Anatomy

Our nails are a vital part of our functionality and without them we would find many tasks very difficult at least or downright impossible. Scratching, scraping, manipulating, picking, poking, the list is endless. They are also highly seductive and erotic, and the sight of well-manicured strong nails, on women and men, can be a very powerful attractive force. For these reasons it makes sense for us to ensure we maintain our nails in good condition.

While much of the attention our nails get is cosmetic in nature and the many treatments we indulge in are external, it is important to understand the internal biology of what makes our nails strong and healthy and how our diet and nutrition can affect that. Our nails are made of a protein called keratin (alpha-keratin to be exact) and the production of that keratin is controlled by what we eat and how we live. There are many trace elements, minerals and nutrients that are vital to that growth but getting them, and getting them in the right balance may not be easy for everyone. Oyster extract contains trace elements such as zinc & selenium the body needs to maintain good nails. These elements are balanced and organic in nature making them more effective.

Leukonychia, also known as white nails or milk spots on the nails

Most people are familiar with the little white spots, lines and marks that appear regularly on the nails. This condition is called Leukonychia.  This is one of the earliest signs that we may not be getting the correct nutrition from our diet. Other nail symptoms associated with this would be weak brittle nails, nails that peel and split, ridges on the nails, those annoying hang nails and many more.

Zinc plays a role in controlling the enzymes active in the metabolism of proteins, in this case keratin. In fact, about 3000 proteins or 10% of all proteins in our body contain zinc as a co-factor. That means they cannot function correctly without zinc. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of strong nails and the lack of it results in weak brittle nails that grow very slowly if at all. Those familiar white spots on the fingernails are a symptom of zinc deficiency.

OysterMax – Pure Oyster Extract

Oysters are among the highest sources of zinc. Oyster extract is the most potent food source of this organic zinc. The effects on the nails is quite remarkable and nails will be visibly stronger in a matter of days when oyster extract is incorporated into a varied diet. We currently have many cosmetic technicians who are using our oyster extract in this way and achieving incredible results. When oyster extract is used the nails are stronger, repair faster and the subsequent manicures and pedicures look all the better because the nails are in such good shape to begin with.


Pure Oyster Extract – OysterMax®

A word of caution. Many brands of oyster extract are weak and contain little or no zinc. This is because the powder is diluted with bulking agents making them cheap alternatives. Marine Healthfoods is the only company that does pure oyster extract powder, from oysters sourced in Ireland – we analyse every batch and put the zinc content on the bottle. We do this because many of our clients are medical professionals who require results and are not interested in placebo like alternatives. We have also analysed the other brands and found our oyster extract has nearly 20 times more zinc per serving. Our brand is the caviar of oyster extract powder.

So, if you are wondering what to do about the nails that keep breaking or refuse to grow, consider a three-month course of oyster extract powder. You will be amazed with the results and your nail technicians’ job will be a whole lot easier.

Not a substitute for a varied diet.

As always, think before you zinc!

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