Bioavailable Copper

Bioavailable Copper Recently we have been getting a lot of queries about bio available copper. Copper is an essential trace mineral – the most abundant dietary trace mineral after iron and zinc – that is naturally present in some foods, water or sold as a supplement. Copper supplementation usually contains a number of different forms […]

Immunity 2020 and Zinc

Currently we are in the midst of a globally encompassing pandemic: Covid-19 or more commonly known as Coronavirus. COVID-19 is believed to be a zoonotic virus that originated from an unknown animal to human transmission in late 2019. It is spread through coughs and sneezes but can also remain on surfaces. This is why there […]

OysterMax®- Immunity from the Deep!

Keeping good immune health is of more interest now than ever before. To keep your body in good health, introducing proper supplementation into your diet can help with this. Dietary supplements are of more interest to the savvy consumer now than ever before. Reasons for introducing dietary supplements into your diet are exhaustive but most […]

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