OysterMax®- Immunity from the Deep!

Keeping good immune health is of more interest now than ever before. To keep your body in good health, introducing proper supplementation into your diet can help with this. Dietary supplements are of more interest to the savvy consumer now than ever before. Reasons for introducing dietary supplements into your diet are exhaustive but most […]

Zinc supplements and Zinc deficiency

Article discussing the subject of zinc supplementation during the winter months with particular emphasis on the different types of zinc supplements on the market, their efficacy and the issues involved with taking them.

Oyster Extract for Peak Performance

Article explaining the benefits of using Oyster Extract to correct hormonal and enzymatic imbalances in the body. The high concentration of naturally occurring metals and minerals can help correct many conditions which affect human health

New supplement combination supports immune system during winter months.

A new powerful combination of marine extracts is now available from Marine Healthfoods to help protect and treat from the woes of the cold and flu season. Building on the success of our oyster extract capsules, OysterMax™, we have now launched our own brand of extracted Alkylglycerols called LeucoGuard™.

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