The Caviar of Zinc Supplements

There are many, many zinc supplements on the market. So much so that buying the right one can be a very time-consuming affair and with so many brands, how do you know which the right one for you is? However, as with all purchasing decisions, there is quality and there is quantity. There is fast food and there is gourmet food. There are synthetic zinc supplements and there is Oyster Extract Powder.










Despite all the marketing blurb, there is only one science of zinc supplementation, and this is it. Zinc is the most ubiquitous element in the body. It is required in, and therefore controls, over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. It contributes to the normal function of immunity, sexual health, gene expression and neurobiology.  Zinc deficiency has been shown to contribute to a diverse range of conditions from fatigue to poor sexual health, prostate issues, lowered immunity, macular degeneration and many, many more.  Having adequate zinc intake is vital to support our body’s general health, mental and sexual well-being. Too much or too little has been shown to have adverse effects on our health. This is a very important point for people taking zinc supplements.


Most zinc supplements give significantly higher amounts of zinc than our body needs. The RDA in the USA for zinc can vary between government agencies but the National Institutes for Health states that it is 11mg for adult men and 8mg for adult women. This figure is also used by the Linus Pauling Institute in OSU which is at the forefront of zinc research.


Too much zinc can interfere with the absorption of other key elements such as copper, calcium and iron. This can cause an imbalance in the body’s biochemistry interfering with the many biochemical pathways in the body.  There is however one source of zinc that is adequately balanced for our needs. Balanced by nature, just as nature intended. It not only has zinc in abundance but also contains vitamin B12, iodine & copper. This is the caviar of zinc supplements; this is oyster extract powder.


Oysters contain naturally high levels of zinc, however, this zinc, unlike the synthetic versions on the market, is to be found bound in amino acids and other large molecules making it very bio available. In order for zinc to be absorbed it first has to bind to ‘transport molecules ‘. This is not so easy for the synthetic supplements, but in oyster extract powder the job is already done.


Beware, not all oyster extract powders are the same. The cheaper brands may have high levels of bulking agents added including, but not limited to, the oyster shell. The zinc content can be as low as 0.1g per kilogram of powder in alternative brands. OysterMax™ have over 3.0g of zinc per kilogram of powder and are therefore 30 times more potent in terms of zinc concentration. To explain this more succinctly, there is the extracted meat of over 50 large oysters in a bottle of OysterMax™. There is the meat of 4 or 5 large oysters in some other brands. With this you can start to understand the price and quality difference issues.


This 3.0g potency level means 4 capsules (1.2g of powder) will provide 3mg of zinc. This is a safe supplemental amount of zinc accounting for roughly 30% of the RDA per bottle. The high zinc oyster extract powder products are, by default, also more potent in other trace elements such as iodine, copper, selenium and B12. This is because these high zinc extracts are mainly protein in nature – all these elements are bound to the amino acids in the proteins and ready for absorption. Combined with a healthy and balanced diet a supplemental amount of zinc as described above should be sufficient to ensure adequate supply. The beauty of oyster extract powder is that you have the peace of mind of knowing that it is naturally sourced and easily bioavailable the way nature intended. Athletes, sexually active people and those feeling fatigued or stressed can safely use Oyster Extract to supplement their diet knowing that they will not upset the body’s delicate biochemical balance.


Be careful to ask your supplier how potent their oyster extract powder is before you make a purchase and always read the label when purchasing online or in store. Ask the geographical source of the oysters, the quality of the water the oysters were grown in and how much zinc is contained in each gram of powder. If it is less than 1.5mg per serving it can be considered a cheap brand. If it is over 3mg per serving you are buying high quality. Not a substitute for a varied diet.

Think before you zinc!

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