About Us

We are passionate about the health and well being of our clients and our raw materials are strictly selected and processed locally to minimise degradation of mironutrients so that you receive the most nutrient dense product possible.
Our company can provide bespoke own branding for all the products in our range and we are only too happy to discuss your supplement needs and recommend solutions. Our business model allows us to create very small batches of product for individual therapists and clinics right the way up to larger orders for clients with multiple outlets.


Marine Health Foods manufacturing facility, processes and products are registered in the EU by the European Food Safety Authority, and in Ireland by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, Health Services Executive and Food Safety Authority of Ireland. The company is also registered with US FDA.

The company operates to GMP standards and is HACCP compliant.
The company is associated with and supports many organizations, groups and charities who are involved with protecting and preserving our oceans for future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and supply the highest quality natural marine super foods, supplements and seafood products to help our global client base lead energetic and healthy lives.
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