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Rich in Alkylglycerols.

Each bottle contains 120 x 500mg gelcaps. Each capsule is standardised to contain 20% alkylglycerols.

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AKG-200 is a patented shark liver oil extract, specially processed from the livers of deep, cold water sharks.
It is rich in compounds called Alkylglycerols, AKG’s for short.

Alkylglycerols are active substances found in high concentrations in mother’s breast milk, the liver, spleen and bone marrow. AKG200 contains natural Alkylglycerols found in shark liver oil.

AKG200 contains 120 gelcaps x 500mg gelcaps. 

Capsules are standardised at 20% alkylglycerols per gelcap.


In 1952 Dr Astrid Brohult, a Swedish scientist carried out much research on Alkylglycerols which she sourced from calf bone marrow. Shark liver oil was subsequently found to be a richer source of the same compounds.

Further research showed that the addition of a methyl group to the Alkylglycerol molecule, known as methoxy-substituted-Alkylglycerols, increased their effectiveness in the body. There are over 45 citations on Alkylglcerols dating back to 1963.


Sharks are amazing creatures and have been studied by scientists for many years. They appear to be incredibly resistant to infection and sick or malignant sharks have virtually never been found. They also play a role in the health of the world’s marine ecosystems. Recent practices such as shark finning and the cosmetic trade have caused a massive decline in the worlds shark populations, especially in the tropical oceans of the world.
AKG-200 is produced from a species of dogfish, Squaliformes, which are a by-product of marine fisheries in the North East Atlantic. These are not an endangered species and we do not fish them specifically for this oil. This is in line with our company’s dedication to sustainability and marine conservation in all aspects of our business.


Squalene is a type of unrefined shark liver oil you will find on sale. Its origin is often from highly endangered species of sharks and it does not contain the methoxysubstituted-Alkylglycerols in AKG-200 which research has shown are the ones most effective. Furthermore, AKG-200 is produced through a molecular distillation process which removes impurities.
Shark cartilage on the other hand was once thought to be responsible for the sharks incredibly immunity but it is now commonly thought that this comes from the Alkylglycerols in the sharks liver oil.

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  1. Ruel M, FL, United States. (verified owner)

    This product will be apart of my family FOREVER! I never knew this company existed until Kaleigh (Nutritional Elements) posted about it on Instagram. My instincts kicked in and I immediately ordered 4 bottles OysterMax and the shark liver oil. Ladies and gentlemen, this product is what our spiritual and physical bodies need to function to the highest degree. This company is no joke! I now have shark as part of my DNA or biochemical make up, that’s crazy, sharks have been around for millions of years. Finding Nemo will not be a problem anymore! Thank you so much for helping us in these crazy times

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