Resellers, Wholesalers & Affiliates

We provide a range of services to both online and offline businesses from around the world wishing to distribute or retail Marine Healthfoods products in their own country or area.

Resellers & Wholesalers

If you are interested in purchasing our products in wholesale quantities, please email us at Please include your company details and details of your planned distribution channel (retail, wholesale, internet etc).
Test orders of 20 units or greater can be arranged at individually negotiated rates. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or email for more information.
Marine Healthfoods Ltd. can also provide you with our products free of all brand labelling so that you can re-label the products once you have received them. This allows you to customize the products for your business, country, and target market. We can provide you with all the product information we use on our labels to assist you with the design and content of your own labels. Bespoke labelling is also available for orders of significant quantities.


Marine Healthfoods Ltd. offers an attractive affiliate program through our payment provider with favourable commissions and backup support. For further details and to sign up for this program, click here
For more information or affiliate support, please email
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